Education & Training

For more information about Education, please contact:

Kris Davis
Director of Education
Phone: 612/400-6208

PIM Leadership Academy

Are the leaders of your organization prepared to face the challenges of today and tomorrow? PIM is pleased to partner with Ethical Leaders in Action to present another session of the Leadership Academy, a proven program tailored for our unique industry, and for these challenging times. Participants will come together to learn the skills and concepts necessary to:

  • Recruit, engage, and retain excellent workers from an ever‑changing workforce.
  • Build stronger relationships based on trust.
  • Lead changes necessary to earn margins in a hyper-competitive marketplace.

The program will enable your key leaders to realize their potential and help your firm achieve its goals.

To find out more, download the brochure about the  Leadership Academy and then complete the Application and return by December 13th.