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Governor: Allow Print Service Providers to Support Virus Suppression

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Steve Bonoff, President, Printing Industry Midwest (PIM), 612.400.6203, Download PDF of Press Release.   GOVERNOR: ALLOW PRINT SERVICE PROVIDERS TO SUPPORT VIRUS SUPPRESSION Printing Industry implores Governor Walz to reverse non-essential status and keep the doors open for this vital communications sector. [March 25, 2020 | Minneapolis, Minnesota] – Minnesota is recognized […]

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To stay on top of the fast-changing dynamics of Coronavirus (COVID-19) , Printing Industry Midwest (PIM) has created a folder on our CONNECT system to keep you informed and offer templates to support your related communications. In the linked folder below, you’ll find: COVID-19 Action Steps COVID-19 Note to Clients CODID-19 Note to Employees COVID-19 […]

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Steps to Take to Help Ensure the Safety of Your Employees

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis requires us all to take steps to ensure the safety of our employees. While our region is less impacted than many others, from a liability standpoint, your company should do its best to be prepared. The following was prepared by Printing Industries of America (PIA), culled from a variety of national […]