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PIM 2017-2018 Holiday Survey Results – Now Available

What holidays do you give to your employees?  How do you compare with other local companies?  It is always helpful to know what other companies in the industry are doing. Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey.

Contact Kris Davis for more information at 612-400-6200.

Sales Compensation Survey Results – Now Available

One of the more interesting business issues facing today’s print executives is crafting a sales compensation plan for today’s markets. The results of this survey provides information essential to the success of the 21st century print provider. The survey was conducted by Printing Industries of America and its affiliates across the U.S., the largest – and most diverse – graphic arts trade association in North America.

Contact Ben Dally or call 612-400-6207 to order yours today

Business Consulting Services

Utilizing the experience and expertise of Dan Thornton and Mike Amundson, companies have the opportunity to take a look at “where they are, where they are going, and how they plan to get there.”

With over 30 years of leadership experience in the printing industry, Dan Thornton and Mike Amundson are making their services available to PIM member companies desiring to build and improve teams responsible for continuous improvement and value creation. The cost model is unique; up to 20 hours of consulting is donated and the client makes an in kind contribution to the PIM Education Foundation in an amount they found commensurate with value provided.

Take advantage of this great opportunity to improve your business!  Download the application.

Minnesota Sales and Use Tax Guide

A compilation of the Minnesota Department of Revenue notices, Forms, FAQ’s and Fact Sheets regarding sales and use taxes pertaining to the graphic arts industry.

Download Part 1 Sales & Use Tax Guide:

  • Document Contains-
    Section 1 – Bulletins, Newsletters, General Information
    Section 2 – Forms and Instructions
    Section 3 – Local Authorities Sales and Use Tax

Download Part 2 Sales & Use Tax Guide:

  • Document Contains-
    Section 4 – Sales Tax Fact Sheets, commonly referenced within the industry
    Section 5 – Sales Tax Fact Sheets, miscellaneous topics occasionally referenced

Wage and Benefit Survey

The PIM Wage and Benefit survey has been a valuable resource to accurately benchmark one of the most important aspects to your business – having a stable, satisfied and well qualified workforce.  It includes 128 job positions (see the list W&B Survey Job Descriptions).

The survey is relatively easy to submit via a online form, and participation is free.

Results are stratified by company size by region, the PIM states with a special breakout for the Twin Cities, and national averages by number of employees. Pricing is discounted to participants. For more information on participating or to order your copy today contact by email or call us at 612.400.6200.