Mitigating Data Privacy Risks: New PIM Benefits

We’re releasing two new documents today to benefit Printing Industry Midwest (PIM) members.

The California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) and other state and federal data privacy guidelines place potential liability on companies which receive and manage consumer and household data. To support PIM members in managing their risks, a data privacy attorney and technology officers from PIM member companies have cooperated to define a series of best practices for complying with state and federal data privacy guidelines and regulations. We’re also releasing a general template for use when 3rd party consumer data is shared between service provider and client.

These documents are available for download below, and will eventually be housed in the new PIM Center For Data Privacy and Management portal on the PIM website, currently in development. I want to thank the following partners who helped make these new PIM benefits possible:

  • Jon Downing, EVP and CTO, Impact
  • Frank Powell, Chief Technology Officer, Enpointe
  • Nadeem Schwen, Partner, Winthrop & Weinstine. P.A


  1. PIM Data Privacy Best Practices offers guidelines in the following areas:
  • How Data Privacy Laws May Affect Your Business
  • Define “Customer Identification Data”                                                                             
  • Document Your Data Retention Policy                                                                             
  • Define Your Data Workflows                                                                                                
  • Define Your Data Privacy Policy                                                                                           
  • Document Your Consumer Data Request Process                                                        
  • Train Your Workforce
  • Document and Review Relevant Activity


  1. PIM Data Sharing Agreement is for use when 3rd party consumer data is shared between service provider and client, addressing;
  1. Definitions of data protection, shared data and data incidents
  2. Data Sharing and Processing
  3. Security
  4. Data Subject Rights
  5. Personal Data Breach
  6. General Terms


We welcome comments or questions, and will follow-up in the coming weeks about the forthcoming data privacy and management portal. Please direct all comments or questions to Steve Bonoff (612.400.6203,

Sadie Hagen
Author: Sadie Hagen