PIM DE&I Accreditation Pilot Program

Background About the Program: Printing Industry Midwest’s (PIM) Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Accreditation Program was designed to create foundational changes in the recruiting, hiring and training practices of our industry. This program was created by the PIM Diversity Coalition, that put together metrics and a process for accreditation that will help your company continue to uphold and enforce a more diverse and inclusive company environment. Join the committed group of companies that wish to show their support and actions to build a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

What is the DE&I Accreditation Pilot Program?

During the month of August, PIM will launch the DE&I Accreditation Pilot Program; consisting of a small group of Midwest printing companies. This pilot program group will help PIM Staff and the PIM Diversity Coalition establish what works well and what needs to be adjusted.

By participating in the pilot program, you will be able to become fully accredited–free of charge. You can leave this program at any time and there is no set time limit for you to achieve all levels of accreditation. PIM Staff will check in with you throughout the year to see how your company is doing and if you need any assistance.

Please note that PIM is monitoring your company and not individuals within your company. It is up to each individual company to monitor how their employees represent themselves within and outside of the workplace.

To Join the Pilot Program You Must…

Complete the Enrollment Form: You must complete and email the enrollment form to Kris & Sadie by August 6, 2021 to be enrolled in the pilot program. If you do not turn in the form by August 6, 2021 or you wish to wait until the official program launches in 2022, please note that there will be a charge to join the program.

Be a PIM Member: If you are a printer and located in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota or South Dakota, you must be a member of our association to join this program. More information about membership can be found here.

Watch the Pilot Program Webinar

On July 14, 2021 PIM held an informational webinar about the DE&I Accreditation Pilot Program. You can review the video below or click here.

Questions about PIM’s DE&I Accreditation Pilot Program?

If you have any question or would like more information about PIM’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Accreditation Program or the DE&I Accreditation Pilot Program, please email Kristin Pilling-Davis & Sadie Johnson at diversity@pimw.org

Sadie Hagen
Author: Sadie Hagen