PIM Postal Reform Act Push

We’d like to take the next step in building some pressure in Congress to move along the Postal Reform Act, HR 756.  You may know the current status:  it’s stalled in the Ways & Means Committee.  We all need to take every step we can to build the visibility of United States Postal Service’s (USPS) plight, the consequent impact on the mailing community, the vital need for this bill, and the increasing urgency to get it done.

The next steps are for all of you, and as many colleagues, employees, suppliers and others as you can convince:

  1. to go to the C21 website and send an email to your Congressperson.
  2. You can click on this link to be directed to the C21 Website    This is a link to a landing homepage and it is as easy as putting in your name and address.  The program will take care of the rest of the connection, identifying and sending your message to your Member of Congress.
  3. It includes a sample message that you are free to adjust or replace.  In fact, the more personal you can make your message, the better.

Thanks for your immediate action.