PIM & PrUA Partnership Update

PrUA has canceled our partnership agreement as of April 30, 2021

As we reported in January, Printing United Alliance (PrUA) proposed a realignment of the affiliate network that would substantially reduce the size and scope of Printing Industry Midwest (PIM), and the value we provide to members. While mandating a reduction in local service offerings, they offered no specifics on how the national organization would replace these lost resources. It is for this reason the PIM board of directors rejected the proposal. As a result, PrUA has canceled our partnership agreement as of April 30, 2021. It has extended its benefits to members through June 30, 2021.

What does this mean for you and your company?

For the vast majority of members, you will not notice any reduction in value from your PIM membership. Our members are well-served through a variety of PIM-specific programs and services, such as the The Loupe magazineCOVID preparednessWage + Benefits SurveyPrint Buyers GuideJob BoardEHS trainingFinancial Executives Council, and many other programs and services. In addition, we’ve anticipated this change for many months and have acted accordingly.

Through an effective network of committees led by affiliate leaders from across North America, we have already taken numerous steps to create new and better ways to serve your company and add value to your membership. We are developing new tools and resources in the areas of human resources, economics and finance, environmental health and safety, and business development. We’ll be sharing details of these services and benefits in the coming weeks and months.

Like the graphic communications companies we serve, PIM is evolving to grow. The changes coming to PIM will be evaluated through only one lens; do they enhance and add value to you and your company. That is our mission and one we take seriously. These are exciting times of change and we thank you for your continued partnership and support.

Sadie Hagen
Author: Sadie Hagen