Premier Partner: Your UTILITY WATCHDOG

Your Utility Watchdog

Many Printing Industry Midwest members receive substantial electricity refunds and reduced monthly utility rates through the services of Valdi Stefanson — “your UTILITY WATCHDOG”

Valdi has delivered overcharge refunds exceeding $ 1.1 million to PIM members to date!  He knows the intricacies of utility rate structures and works effectively on your behalf.  No charge – unless utility refunds are delivered! A one-time commission is then based on the refund amount. While residential utility rates are aggressively scrutinized and regulated, things are different when it comes to commercial and industrial utility customers. It is up to you to make sure your utility rate ($/kWh) is correct. This program is quick and easy! All you have to do is provide a copy of your last month’s utility bill! [Services available in PIM regions of Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska.)

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PIM Member’s who’ve saved…

Refunds 5 Year Savings 10 Year Savings
GLS (Litho Express), St. Paul $30,800 $124,000 $232,700
GLS, Brooklyn Park, MN $6,000 $11,500 $20,000
Ambassador Press, Minneapolis $14,000 $56,700 $106,500
UpFront Productions, Minneapolis $23,600 $56,000 $95,500
Quality Label, Elk River, MN $6,600 $16,700 $30,000
Action Mailing Services, Plymouth, MN $6,200 $12,000 $21,000
McIntosh Embossing, Minneapolis $6,600 $42,900 $82,500
Clear Lake Press, Waseca, MN $9,500 $18,000 $32,000
Bindery 1, Des Moines, IA $9,500 $20,600 $36,500
The Bernard Group, Chaska, MN $4,900 $11,600 $20,800
Davies Printing, Rochester, MN $4,200 $8,100 $14,200
Muscle Bound Bindery, Minneapolis $3,400 $7,300 $13,000
Western Graphics, St. Paul $4,200 $8,900 $15,500
Priority Envelope, Plymouth, MN $47,000 $126,900 $223,000
Printing Arts, Brooklyn Park, MN $2,000 $4,000 $7,000
Modernistic, Stillwater, MN $25,000 $48,500 $84,500
OneSource, Cannon Falls, MN $4,700 $9,100 $16,000
Data Recognition Corp., Brooklyn Park, MN $28,000 $54,000 $94,400
Applied Graphics, Plymouth, MN $3,000 $5,800 $10,100
Cooperative Print Solutions, Minneapolis $5,800 $11,200 $19,600
Expedite!, Arden Hills, MN $9,950 $19,200 $33,400
Diamond Graphics, Inc., Ramsey, MN $19,600 $42,500 $75,200
AMG Laminating, St. Paul $5,980 $11,500 $20,000


Myth:    Electricity rates are regulated by the state public utility agency.

Fact:      State public utility agencies approve and publish a roster of utility rates. No regulatory authority is responsible for the rates that your company pays.

Myth:    Rates are straightforward.

Fact:      Each year state utility agencies receive over 2000 formal new filings from regulated utilities. For Xcel Energy (MN) alone, the tariff documents add up to over 200 pages. Xcel Energy rates include 21 individual riders.

Myth:    I’m on the correct utility rate.

Fact:      Rate regulators establish rates that are “reasonable” and “fair.” Within this “fairness” doctrine, there is a lot of room for fine-tuning.

Myth:    Utility agencies require that my electricity account is reviewed on a regular basis.

Fact:      In most states, the onus is on the customer to ensure that they are on the best available rates.

Myth:    Based on the size of my company and the equipment, I am on the best rate.

Fact:      Things change. Periodic rate reviews are prudent, if for no other reason that your company’s load profile changes over time. Your electricity rate was likely set the day you started your operation.

Myth:    Incremental rate improvements are no big deal.

Fact:      Moving to the best available rates will provide real returns, because lowered rates are a permanent change. Moreover, you will receive a one-time refund of past overcharges.

Myth:    Chances are that my company will not be eligible for a lower rate.

Fact:      Approximately 45% of printing companies reviewed have been on incorrect rates.


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