Sales Vault Update – Week of June 21, 2021

The Sales Vault is: A resource for sales people and selling owners in the Graphic Arts featuring live events, such as workshops and peer to peer discussions, downloadable sales tools such as prospecting letters and voicemail scripts, and 35+ years of archived training content organized by sales challenge and available on demand.

As a Printing Industry Midwest (PIM) member, you receive 30 days FREE followed by a discounted monthly rate of $30/participant.

Activate your FREE 30 day membership and take a live course or view the archived training content (videos, articles, columns, blogs, podcasts) available 24/7.

  • Coming in August
    • Time Management Basics
    • Time Management Masters Class
    • Prospecting for Introverts
  • Downloadable Vault resources:
    • NEW: The Questions to Ask—Learn how to go from a price-based conversation to a solutions-based conversation by asking qualifying questions that uncover the story behind the job;
    • One killer-good intro letter only the bravest of the brave send out;
    • 15 on demand video sales courses

Questions or suggestions for a workshop or program? Contact Bill Farquharson at 781.934.7036 or

Sadie Hagen
Author: Sadie Hagen