Sales Vault Update – Week of November 15, 2021

A message from Bill Farquharson…

Good morning!

Received an awesome Sales Vault testimonial this week:

“Bill, as a former coaching client and Sales Vault Insider, I wanted to reach out to you and share my good news. The lessons you’ve shared have really stuck with me.  I have sold $147,718 this month so far. It’s been a good wave this month…Thanks for all your help.”

Tim Bennett, New London (Print and Marketing)

Let’s talk about changes and upgrades to The Sales Vault, effective immediately:

  1. New workshop format. No more death-by-PowerPoint. Instead, when a Vault member registers for one of the live Zoom sales topics, they receive 2-3 questions relevant to that particular subject. I lead a discussion that includes group input as well as my own knowledge on that topic. Your members can view a recently-recorded session that demonstrates this upgrade, Better Communication: What to Write, What to Say, by clicking here.
  2. Live, instant ideas and answers to sales challenges. Every day, my Zoom camera is left on while I work, allowing Vault Insiders to pop on, ask a question, and get immediate help. After all, when you have a sales challenge, you want a solution NOW. Availability varies by day, but I post my office hours in the daily Insider email.
  3. A new member directory. The Sales Vault has resulted in a community of Insiders relying on each other as well as from me. Several asked Allison to create an opt-in member directory with contact information and areas of expertise. We are rolling that out this week.
  4. Group-sourced monthly sales topics. Up to now, the content we cover in the live Zoom events has been entirely on me. No longer. Now, we will ask for the input of both Vault members and non-members. I will send you a poll question of the week. This will serve the dual purpose of eliciting insight while marketing The Vault at the same time. Results will be shared with you each week. This week’s polling question is below.

I’ve made a quick video you can post which explains the changes listed above:

That’s all the announcements. Here is the weekly content:

  1. Info on the Sales Vault and your special offer:
  2. Your Short Attention Span Sales Tip: Next Week This Week: (full text below)
  3. Here is the link to the Polling question of the week
  4. November/December Workshop Schedule:
  5. November 16: Time Management Basics
  6. November 17: Office Hours—sales challenge discussion group
  7. November 22: Sales Management Done Right
  8. December 2: New Business

Thank you!


The Sales Vault is:

  • For sales people and selling owners;
  • Your source for selling ideas, motivation, strategy, and energy;
  • Weekly live Zoom sales workshops (attendee-driven)
  • Downloadable sales scripts, templates
  • Weekly sales challenge discussion groups
  • Archived sales tip videos, blogs, and columns
  • FREE to Association members for 30 days, then…
  • Just $30/month after that

Questions? Contact Bill Farquharson at 781-934-7036 or



1. “I’ve been absent from Sales Vault programs for a while (getting my kids started in school). It’s good to be back. I wanted the support of like-minded people going through what I am going through.”

Anne Marie Proulx, Church Offset Printing

2. “Bill, what you’ve created—whether you intended to or not—is a sales community. The Sales Vault is a place I go to hear how others are solving the same problems I am facing. We’ve developed a solid core I look forward to seeing week after week.”

Joe Foley, Foley Graphics

3. If you’re looking for a sales professional that WILL help you sell more, then Bill is your guy. In addition to having mad sales skills, Bill’s energy and outgoing personality makes his advice easy to absorb. 

Dave Leskusky, President at NAPCO Media


Text to this week’s sales tip:

Good morning!

This week I want to talk about next week.

Most of us, myself included, thrive in a chaotic environment. Salespeople enjoy the seemingly overwhelming abundance of tasks and operate best when everything looks important and urgent at the same time.

We make good decisions.

We get stuff done.

We act like we are in a zone defense waiting for the next ball to drop so we can grab it, move it along, and throw it back up in the air.

But as good as we are during chaos, we are equally as bad when it’s deathly quiet.

The week of Thanksgiving becomes increasingly less busy as we go from Monday to Wednesday. We might be okay the first day, but the loudest noise in the office might be the crickets come Tuesday.

It’s important to have a strategy for this.

Use this week to make some plans for next week. What is the best use of your time? Get it right, and you can enjoy the holiday and not lose any momentum going into the final few weeks of the year.

Some recommendations:

  • Get out of the office, silence your phone, and read. I did this last week in Nashville and it was easily the best time I spent in all of 2021. I was able to learn from the book my marketing director daughter suggested I read (The Lean Startup) and then apply its lessons in the form of improvements to my Sales Vault.
  • Produce a marketing piece. Maybe you could make a YouTube video or write a White Paper. Now is the time to spend some creative energy on something that will help you to grease the skids.
  • Gather some testimonials. Surely, you have some kind words in amongst the emails you have received. Put them all on the piece of paper or maybe add one or two at the bottom of your email signature. Purchase decisions are made more easily when someone else crows about their experience with you.
  • Learn more about LinkedIn. Okay, you have a Profile. But are you fluent in what this social media outlet can do for you and your sales? It’s a great time to watch a video on YouTube or within LinkedIn itself.
  • Gather more LinkedIn contacts. You cannot have too many.
  • Send some holiday wishes via email or, again, LinkedIn. Make them personal.

Preparing for next week this week simply means to make a list of possible tasks like the ones listed above. Hey, if you want to take a few days off and get some extra rest in, that’s good, too. But, my guess is you suck at filling days when nothing is urgent. So, either use the time to sharpen the saw or be prepared to waste a few days…

… And a great opportunity.


The trip to Nashville Bill referenced yielded some upgrades to The Sales Vault. Check them out at or call Bill at 781-934-7036.

Sadie Hagen
Author: Sadie Hagen