Sales Vault Update – Week of September 13, 2021

Free for 30 days, then a monthly fee of $30/participant buys you all of the following. The Sales Vault is a resource for sales people and selling owners featuring:

  • Live online courses on sales-specific topics, such as:
    • Time Management
    • Prospecting for Introverts
    • Social Media Basics
    • Leveraging Social Media for Sales
    • Overcoming Objections
    • Selling to Vertical Markets (Banks, Hospitals, etc)
    • How to Create an Effective Prospecting Process
    • Selling Digital/Inkjet Printing
    • Titles rotate in and out each month. Click here for the upcoming line up.
  • Weekly peer group sales discussions;
  • Downloadable sales tools such as prospecting letters and voicemail scripts;
  • 35+ years of archived training content (video sales tips, blogs, Printing Impressions columns, white papers, and podcasts) organized by sales challenge and available on demand.
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Here is the Short Attention Span Sales Tip for week of September 13:

Title: When an Order Gone Bad is Good for Business


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New in The Sales Vault this week:

  1. Bill has a near 100% success rate adding new LinkedIn connections when he uses these words in a Message. PDF download exclusive to Vault Insiders.
  2. Kelly Mallozzi’s new live session called, “OK Kelly, But What Should I Post?” discusses ideas for the kinds of content you need to be using out in your LinkedIn feed to get that phone ringing. Starts Tuesday September 14 and continues monthly.
  3. Kelly’s second new live sessions, How to Overcome New Sales Challenges starts Tuesday September 28 and continues monthly. If you are facing unique obstacles—everything from connecting with hybrid customers and making Zoom sales presentations—this Vault exclusive is for you.

Also coming up inside The Sales Vault:

  • Downloadable Vault resources:
    • One killer-good intro letter only the bravest of the brave send out;
    • 15 on demand video sales courses
    • The Questions to Ask—Learn how to go from a price-based conversation to a solutions-based conversation by asking qualifying questions that uncover the story behind the job;

New Sales Vault Content Being Developed

In addition to the live presentations and sales discussions coming up in September, here’s what’s on the horizon for new material:

  • Talking to Your CSR So They Will Listen and Listening to Your CSR So They Will Talk—How to improve communication and relationships with your support team;
  • Millennials Are From Mars and Sales Reps Are From Venus—Hear directly from Millennials and find out how much is too much, what you are doing wrong, what irritates them, and how to do it right;

The Sales Vault is: A resource for sales people and selling owners in the Graphic Arts featuring live events, such as workshops and peer to peer discussions, downloadable sales tools such as prospecting letters and voicemail scripts, and 35+ years of archived training content organized by sales challenge and available on demand. As a Printing Industry Midwest (PIM) member, you receive 30 days FREE followed by a discounted monthly rate of $30/participant. Activate your FREE 30 day membership and take a live course or view the archived training content (videos, articles, columns, blogs, podcasts) available 24/7.

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Sadie Hagen
Author: Sadie Hagen