Sales Vault Update – Week of September 27, 2021

Summary of this release:

  1. NEW landing page!!! To help explain the contents of The Sales Vault, Allison and I have put together a new landing page specific to your Affiliate. There are quick videos which explain the 4 components of The Vault as well as a “Start here” introduction and a “Special Offer” video detailing how to sign up. Feedback is welcome! OH, and…
  2. I’m going to start making custom videos at least once a month. This is something you can use as a different way help members understand what The Vault has coming up to help their sales efforts. See the YouTube URL below.
  3. Link to next week’s Short Attention Span Sales Tip;
  4. A list of the live presentations through the end of October;
  5. I’ve attached the text to next week’s Video Sales Tip to my email;
  6. I’ve repeated three testimonials from last week’s update.

1. Link to your new landing page:

2. Link to video describing upcoming Vault events, customized to your Affiliate:   

3. Here is the Short Attention Span Sales Tip for week of September 27:

Title: A Twist on Voicemail


4. Affiliate members, use this link for your free 30 day trial.

Coming up inside The Sales Vault:

Downloadable Vault Resources:

  • Six introductory prospecting letters;
    • One killer-good intro letter only the bravest of the brave send out;
    • A downloadable voicemail script
    • New: How to get more LinkedIn connections to accept your request
    • 15 on demand video sales courses
    • Archived sales content searchable by sales challenge
    • The Questions to Ask—Learn how to go from a price-based conversation to a solutions-based conversation by asking qualifying questions that uncover the story behind the job;

The Sales Vault is: A resource for sales people and selling owners in the Graphic Arts featuring live events, such as workshops and peer to peer discussions, downloadable sales tools such as prospecting letters and voicemail scripts, and 35+ years of archived training content organized by sales challenge and available on demand. As a Printing Industry Midwest (PIM) member, you receive 30 days FREE followed by a discounted monthly rate of $30/participant. Activate your FREE 30 day membership and take a live course or view the archived training content (videos, articles, columns, blogs, podcasts) available 24/7.

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Sadie Hagen
Author: Sadie Hagen