The eLoupe News – April 21, 2020

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VICTORY! Printers Added to CISA Essential Workforce Guidance

Announcement made April 17, 2020

Following a major advocacy effort by Printing Industries of America (PIA), the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cyber Security and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) released guidance on April 17 officially listing printers and packagers as part of the nation’s essential critical infrastructure workforce. Specific mention of printed material, packaging material, specialty signage, and references to print media in relation to communications, election services, and postal/shipping services are also contained in the guidance. Earlier versions of the CISA guidance implied printing and packaging companies were essential as part of critical manufacturing supply chains, but absent an explicit definition, PIA member companies have faced confusion or work stoppages as individual states and municipalities issued a patchwork of stay-at-home orders. In several cases, print was excluded by certain states, and the industry was forced to petition governors to amend the original order. This process has created havoc for the industry, its employees, and customers. Be sure to use the hashtags #printisessential and #printpowersamerica to spread the word. 

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What are your HR needs?

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Printing Industry Midwest (PIM) is continually looking for ways we can assist our membership, now more than ever, employers are pushed towards their limits on needing to be experts! PIM created a Human Resources (HR) Support Services Survey to see if you are using or need assistance in HR Support Services. It should take between 4-6 minutes. 

On May 12th, PIM will be hosting a webinar presented by our 2020 HR Conference Keynote speaker Kit Welchlin, this webinar will help all PIM Members deal with stress.

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Finding Qualified Graphic Communications Employees

Accrediting Council for Collegiate Graphic Communications, Inc

In need of qualified graphic communications employees for your printing, publishing, finishing related company? You are encouraged to look to ACCGC (Accrediting Council for Collegiate Graphic Communications, Inc.) accredited graphic communications related programs located in colleges and universities throughout the USA and one international location. The administrators and faculty of these programs have subjected their graphic communications and related programs to evaluation by colleagues in this academic-technical area using 14 clearly stated standards. These standards consist of evaluating the program mission, learning outcomes, program and administrative leadership, financial support, available equipment and facilities, support services, overall curriculum, teaching qualities of the faculty, industry experiences for students within the program, industry advisory board assistance, academic preparation of the faculty, faculty evaluation process, records kept and advisory assistance to students, and career placement services.

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