COVID-19 Info – The eLoupe News – March 30, 2020

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Printing Industry Midwest (PIM) has a COVID-19 webpage on our main website and on our Members Only website, PIM Connect, with links to resources related to the printing and graphic communications industry. We encourage you to visit these webpages and hope they provide you valuable information as we all weather this storm together.

PIM Seeking Your Company’s COVID-19 Status

Print service providers who serve “essential” supply chains may remain open to serve their essential clients’ needs under MN’s stay-at-home order. PIM is seeking to quantify the essential work of members in all states in our region to determine their current status. Essential work is defined as serving the needs of sectors defined in the Federal CISA Guidelines. Please take 3-minutes and share the current essential status of your company. [This survey is anonymous and only aggregate totals will be made public.]

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MN DEED Acknowledges Critical Work of Print

From the outpouring of requests from print service providers, PIM, and state officials, the MN Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) has updated the Critical Workers Definitions and Clarifications Document, clearly expressing the essential work of print.

Clarification added March 27, 2020: Workers supporting printing operations that supply Critical Sectors are exempt; other printing workers are not exempted

This statement honors the work our industry is doing to suppress the spread of the virus and the economic impact of the pandemic. What does it mean for you? For example, if your company is creating signage or collateral for grocery or hardware stores, public health institutions, or municipalities, these are deemed essential and you are serving “an essential supply chain.” The same is true if you are serving clients with essential work in food and agriculture, health and safety, faith leaders, and numerous others. Review the essential sectors to determine your essential status, and let us know at PIM if you have any questions.

Midwest: Continue Promoting Print Is Essential

States neighboring Minnesota have yet to mandate the closures of non-essential businesses. Before these orders occur, we need to act now. PIM has already sent letters in support of the essentialness of print to the Governors of Iowa, Nebraska, South and North Dakota. To keep up the pressure, we need to make our essential role clear to officials throughout your region. Please download your state’s letter from the links below and send it to your representatives, along with a message of how and why our industry must remain open to continue to serve our community.

Letters to Governors: Iowa | Minnesota Nebraska | North Dakota South Dakota

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Sadie Hagen
Author: Sadie Hagen