Paper Drive

Annual Surplus Paper Drive, Benefiting Minnesota Schools


2018 Dates:

PIM welcomes its new Paper Drive Partner and Host,

Lindenmeyr Munroe will host the 2018 43rd Annual PIM Surplus Paper Drive for Teachers at their beautiful new space in Fridley.

The date to drop paper is Friday, September 21st, from 8 am to 3 pm. PIM Members can sign up to donate to what has become a number one calendar event for teachers in Minnesota!

Thank you to all the PIM Members that have donated in the past. PIM looks forward to working with Lindemeyr Munroe!

For more than 40 years, PIM members have generously donated their surplus paper to schools across the state. These much need supplies support printing, graphic arts, and art classes. Each year PIM hears from the teachers about how much they appreciate the generosity of our members. Member participation literally saves print and art programs for thousands of students every year!

Minnesota teachers all over the state need paper for their programs, if your company has surplus paper or supplies, please consider donating at the next Surplus Paper Drive on September 21, 2018.