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Printing Industry Midwest (PIM) can assist you in all phases of Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) compliance management. PIM EHS provides service that is totally flexible to meet your company’s compliance needs as effectively as possible. PIM offers the following EHS services…

  • PIM Great Green Printers: Participation in PIM’s Great Green Printer Environmental Initiative is voluntary. Great Green Printers demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and to minimize their impact on human health and the environment while producing quality printed products.
  • PIM EHS Audits: PIM Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Audits minimize regulatory fines and penalties as well as minimize EHS risks. PIM works with you. Plan and implement corrective actions before a regulatory inspection occurs. Uncover ways to reduce waste management. 
  • PIM Safety & Environmental Training: Tailored to your company’s needs and is accommodating to your company’s production schedules. PIM offers training 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Training includes case studies or real world situations to illustrate the importance of safety and compliance.
  • EHS Updates: Stay up to date with the latest regulatory changes and new standards from OSHA, EPA or your Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota Agencies.