PIM Diversity Programs

Working to solve the racial inequities in print

Join the New PIM Diversity Leadership Coalition

PIM Diversity is a coalition of PIM member companies and professionals working to solve the racial inequities found in the print and graphic communications industry.

Currently, the PIM Midwest region of print service providers has few black-owned business owners or positions of leadership served by people of color. PIM Diversity seeks to create foundational changes in the recruiting, hiring, and training of black people and all people of color, to close the racial leadership gap in print. 

PIM Diversity includes access to volunteer opportunities, tools, resources, knowledge, and rewards that will support the adoption and implementation of PIM Pledges for Action to build a more inclusive workplace.


PIM Diversity Leadership Coalition


The PIM Diversity Leadership Coalition is a group of committed professionals supporting the development of tools and resources designed for PIM members to close the racial leadership gap.

Volunteers from PIM member companies and invited community experts will support the development of resources that lead to closing the leadership gap of black people and all people of color in the print industry. Resources may include supporting the adoption or development of student education and outreach, internships, apprenticeships, and mentorship programs.

The Coalition will also oversee the PIM Diversity Leader Accreditation program achievement metrics and process.

PIM Diversity Leader Accreditation


Launching October 2020

The PIM Diversity Leader Accreditation program is an opportunity for PIM members to celebrate their company’s actions and achievements toward closing the racial leadership gap.

To achieve accreditation as a PIM Diversity Leader, companies commit to adopting the Pledges for Action and increase their diversity hiring, training, and promotion from current levels.

To maintain accreditation as a PIM Diversity Leader, companies will be measured annually in actions and progress in recruiting, hiring, promoting, and training of black people and all people of color. Metrics for accreditation will be defined by a Coalition of PIM Member professionals designed to support the PIM Diversity program objectives.

Pledges for Action

We will strengthen our workplace by creating a culture of equity, inclusivity, and understanding of all people of color.
We will engage with all people of color, ensuring that we include their perspectives.
We will speak out and stand up for justice, equality and opportunity, actively making these topics part of an ongoing workplace conversation.

We will expand education, training and scholarship opportunities in the print industry for all people of color.
We will broaden outreach and promotion of careers in print to all people of color.
We will increase representation of all people of color at all levels of our organization—entry level, midlevel and senior level.

We will diversify our supply chain, providing equal opportunity for minority-owned enterprises to do business with us. 
We will remove barriers and open doors to print careers and partnership for those inside prisons and other under-represented communities.

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The PIM Diversity Coalition will meet monthly via Zoom Conference. Meetings will be recorded if you are unable to attend.

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