Operations Improvement Services

Operations Improvement Services

Print Industry Midwest (PIM) partnered with StrateX, a nationwide service provider for over 35 years, to work with our members to improve their delivery performance, cash flow, flexibility, and confidence.

Improve Operational Results

Print Industry Midwest (PIM) offers multiple paths for member companies to improve operational results. The shop, pre-press, supply chain, key metrics – all can be improved and aligned better with your market strategy or value proposition.  PIM is about helping our members grow profitably – these operational improvements directly support that.

PIM has engaged with a nationally known firm, StrateX, that specializes in operations improvements and has directly worked with over 60 printing companies, from those with 20 employees to the national giants. 

Services Offered Include:

  • Identification and elimination of gaps that exist between your value proposition and its execution.
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Reduced lead times with better on-time delivery
  • Improved output in pre-press, printing, kitting, etc.
  • On-line training on practical operations topics
    • Develop your team so they make the right decisions
  • Plant layout or redesign
  • Relevant performance metrics that support world class operations
  • Reliable and practical production scheduling methods
  • Less stress, less expediting, less chaos – along with reliable strong financial results!

Operations Improvement Services
Process Steps

1. Inform

The process begins with an introductory meeting with your senior business and operations leaders, PIM Executive Director, Kris Davis, and your prospective PIM Operations Improvement Services partner. They’ll share business intelligence, industry trends, and insights on where the opportunities lie for today’s print service providers

2. Strategize

Your company will then meet privately with your PIM Operations Improvement Services partner to perform a understand key issues facing the company, such as cash flow, delivery performance, supply chain, staffing, etc.  From that an improvement plan will be agreed upon and to move the company forward.

3. Partner

After assessing your company’s current capabilities and business objectives, your Operations Improvement Services partner will develop a customized proposal with timing and resource options designed to meet both your business objectives and budgetary needs.

StrateX Operations Training Series

Because many of our members are not located near the Twin Cities, we are now offering a 24 session, on-line operations improvement training series.  Our PIM partner has trained over 12,000 people on operational improvements – accordingly, they know how to train so that people learn, understand, and apply the concepts in a practical manner.  Find out more about these sessions, which are customized to your business – your processes, customers, equipment, products, and goals.