PIM Policies

PIM Conflict of Interest Policy – PIM and Foundation

The PIM conflict of interest policy is designed to help directors, officers and employees of the Printing Industry Midwest and those of its Foundation identify situations that present potential conflicts of interest and to provide Printing Industry Midwest and its Foundation with a procedure to avoid conflicts of interest from occurring, with respect to transactions and interactions.

PIM Anti-Trust Policy

As associations of competitors, trade associations must be vigilant to ensure that state and federal antitrust laws are respected. The general improvement of the industry benefits the public. This is why Congress granted the privilege of tax-exempt status to trade associations. Our focus must be the general improvement of our industry. We must refrain from actions, which either may suppress competition among members or give members a competitive advantage over non-members.

Our Commitment to Industry

All programs developed, promoted, and/or delivered by PIM are open to all individuals and companies regardless of their membership status. While PIM provides its members with valued pricing to its programs and services, our commitment is to the betterment of our industry and all those it touches and supports, and it welcomes both members and those not-yet-members to join PIM its mission of “ensuring the vitality, innovation, and success of our printing and associate members, and the industry we serve.