PIM Professional of the Year Awards

The following individuals have risen to the top of our industry and are recognized for their accomplishments and contributions. Awards are given to honor the hard work of employees. These prestigious awards are presented during the Printing Industry Midwest’s (PIM) Annual Star Awards Banquet.

For more information about PIM’s Star Awards click here.

Creative Professional of the Year 

2023 AJ Nordhagen Studio on Fire
2022 Scott Dahlberg The John Roberts Company
2021 Jim Benedict ENPOINTE
2020 Jackie Marthaler GLS Companies
2019 Laura Karels IWCO Direct

Customer Service Representative of the Year

2023 Jolene Simi Nahan
2022 Amanda Thompson Nahan
2021 Sarah Osborn Larkin Industries
2020 Chris Olson The John Roberts Company
2019 Mike Kucera GLS Companies
2018 Gail Hawk Streamworks
2017 Tom Hedlund IWCO Direct
2016 Galen Quam RR Donnelly
2015 Carol Aberle Midstates Group
2015 Patty Becker Nahan Printing
2014 Iris Hecker RR Donnelley – Twin Cities
2013 Dianne Kemp Brown Printing Company
2012 Stacey Larsen Travel Tags
2012 Paul Byers RR Donnelley – Twin Cities
2011 Derynn Meyer IWCO Direct
2010 Bill Marben Daily Printing, Inc.
2009 Carmen Neutgens Maximum Graphics

Financial Professional of the Year 

2023 Greg Dooley The John Roberts Company
2022 Joe Hardy Bolger Vision Beyond Print
2021 Karl Nathe Meyers Printing

Human Resource Professional of the Year

2023 Dana Bloyer NCCO

Manager of the Year 

2023 Kim Suchy Royal
2022 Michelle Motschke ENPOINTE
2021 Glenn Rodgers NCCO

Production Professional of the Year

2023 Mary Pirin-Salinas AWT Labels & Packaging
2022 George Graves Studio On Fire
2021 Troy Roth ENPOINTE
2020 Tou Xiong AWT Label & Package
2019 Dave Kane SeaChange Print Innovations
2018 Julie Kleist Meyers Printing
2017 Mike Peterson GLS Companies
2017 Tammy Fischer LSC Communications
2016 Mike Klaverkamp Nahan Printing
2015 Tracy Primus Nahan Printing
2014 Brian Efraimson John Roberts
2013 Mike Gillen Nahan Printing
2012 Matt Hammes Western Graphics
2011 Mike Farr GLS Companies
2010 Scott Robinson John Roberts

Sales & Marketing Professional of the Year

2023 Siri Prax IWCO
2022 Camille Lehmann Nahan

Team of the Year

2023 IWCO’s Operation Santa IT Team IWCO
2022 Martin Bucio-Garcia, Maria Angeles, Ruvit Sanchez-Aguas, May Xiong, Osvaldo Rodriguez Ideal Printers
2021 Debbie Koep, Jill Neitzel, Teri Prokott, Kristie Johnson, Dale Yant, Sierra Maurer, Luke Van Asch Royal
2020 Juliet Ramstad, Mike Scherbing, Gary LaBarre, Jim Hesch, Scott Rau, Dawn Volante – Brown, Jon Legg, Rick Fuith, Chad Schulzentenberg, Tracy Tougas, Mike Linn, Aaron Weekes, Mike Ekern, Kristine Ferguson Nahan Printing
2019 Don Bergeron, Keith Mahoney, Mike McCallion & Hank Robotnik Daily Printing
2018 Paul Belpedio, Tony Chapman, Duane Peter & Joey Pierotti John Roberts
2017 Dave Manship, Larry Knutson, Brent Nickolaus, Tom Bell, Shawn Folkner, Don Schmalz, Troy Roth, Mike Perron, Gordan Johnson, Joe Turenne & Mark Blumhoefer GLS Companies

Young Professional of the Year 

2023 Victoria Asche RR Donnelly
2022 Kaitlyn Corzine IWCO Direct
2021 Dan Acuna Daily Printing Inc.
2021 Mariel Bolger Bolger Vision Beyond Print
2020 Tiffany Milbrandt CARDSource
2019 Lisa Stelter Sanford Health

Graphic Arts Industry Leader

2023 Susan Dripps Davies Printing Company
2022 Roger Feickert Midstates Group
2021 Lana Siewert-Olson Ideal Printers
2020 Hassan Igram Cedar Graphics, Inc.
2019 Dave Haugland Impressive Print
2018 Jim Andersen IWCO
2017 Al Hillmann Standard Dynamics
2016 Peter Jacobson Daily Printing
2015 Michael Nahan Nahan Printing
2014 Howard Siewert Ideal Printers, Inc.
2013 Ed Engle Ambassador Press, Inc.
2012 Charles Bolger Bolger Vision Beyond Print
2011 David Baumgardner Smyth Companies
2010 Mark Carlson The John Roberts Company
2009 Dan Thornton RR Donnelley – Twin Cities
2008 Gary Garner GLS Companies
2007 Michael Keene The John Roberts Company
2006 Mark Kuzma Flaire Print Communications
2005 Mark Jessen Jessen Press, Inc.
2003 Monica Murphy Japs-Olson Company
2002 Thomas Kluge Thomson Reuters
2001 Craig Jilk Thomson Reuters
1999 Sabra Otteson J-C Press
1997 Stan Hildestad Riverside Color Corp.
1996 Jack Anderberg Anderberg-Lund Printing Co.
1993 Ed Kelly 3M
1991 Robert Murphy Japs-Olson Company
1990 Hal Holden Jr. Holden Business Forms
1973 Fred Schulz Buckbee Mears

Nebraska Distinguished Printer 

2019 Bruce Price Marathon Press
2018 Scott Peterson Peterson Printing
2017 Ken Packett Midlands Packaging Corporation
2016 Fred Arnold McBattas Packaging and Printing
2015 Phil Mentzer Color & Coating Services
2014 John Barnhart Barnhart Press
2013 Phil Crews Publication Printing of Nebraska
2012 Dave Brown Regal Printing Company
2011 Eilene Peter Interstate Printing Company
2010 Chuck Kinzer Omaha Print
2009 Tom Nicholson Wright Printing Company
2008 Steve Hayes Omaha Print
2007 Harvey Sankey
2006 Rob Caulk Barnhart Press
2005 Steve Martin Pacific City Graphics, Inc.
2004 Jim Bosco Regal Printing Company

Iowa Distinguished Printer

2019 Dick Clark
2018 Humza Igram Cedar Graphics, Inc.
2017 Doug Freeman Adi Group
2016 Jon Troen Mittera Group, Colorfx
2015 John Lynch Woolverton Printing Company
2014 Perry Klein Colorfx-Des Moines
2012 Brad Eslick Record Printing Company
2011 Greg Ortmann Feiereisen, Inc.
2009 Jim Slife Pioneer Communications
2008 Hassan Igram Cedar Graphics, Inc.
2005 Tom Sheehan Elanders Americas
2004 Ron Hoyt Carter Printing Company, Inc.