What Members Say About PIM

“Our team looks forward to attending Printing Industry Midwest (PIM) events, especially the Print Showcase and Star Awards. Thank you PIM for your dedication to the success of our industry.”

Melissa Fransen, Marketing Manager, Nahan

“The PIM Employment Referral Service is our “go to” source when we’re looking to fill an open position. We can justify our membership dues on this benefit alone.”

Lana Siewert-Olson  President, Ideal Printers

“We use PIM training to minimize repetitive injuries and reduce our worker’s compensation Mod Rating.  Paul Gutkowski and Cathy Malinowski know our business.”

Dana Bloyer, Director Of Human Resources, National Checking

“Cathy Malinowski offers great guidance and her Right to Know Training is engaging and packed with great information!”

Jennifer Wagner, HR Manager, Modern Tool, Inc.

“Kris Davis’s hard work on building partnerships and resources within the community to further the development of the print industry jobs has been incredible! “

Lisa Hull, Human Resources, American Spirit Corporation

“The PIM Financial Executives Council has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to brainstorm and discuss relevant topics with other finance professionals.”

Bjorn Anderson, Director of Finance, Impact

“The PIM Smart Café provides an excellent opportunity to learn how others in our industry are solving real business challenges—practical, functional, working solutions. We love it.”

Micheal Lane, Chief Executive Officer, Meyers Printing Companies

“The PIM Wage and Benefit Study is one of our most used and meaningful reports. It provides insight to benefits and guiding for job descriptions and pay scale ranges.”

John Yerger, In-plant Director, University of Nebraska

“I am an art teacher in Minneapolis. I have been teaching there for 28 years. The PIM Paper Drive has made the art program I have possible.”

Lee Schwanke, Elementary Art Teacher, Minneapolis Public Schools

“I was very impressed with the PIM Mail Certification course and will highly recommend it to my co-workers.”

Justin Cowles, Quality Manager, Streamworks

“The assistance from PIM’s Environmental and Safety program has been extremely valuable for many years.  We were very pleased after a recent Minnesota OSHA inspection that there were NO citations.  This is from an effort of many at Japs-Olson but also from the expert assistance provided by PIM and their annual audits.”

Bob Murphy, Chairman Japs-Olson Company

“Our relationship with the PIM Great Printer Safety and Environmental Initiative has proved over and over to hold its value. Their knowledge and resources, coupled with trust in their advice and training in all areas of safety and the environment, Bolger has advanced itself to a safer workplace.”

Rick Kline, Director of Compliance, Bolger

“With Paul’s expertise and guidance in the area of environmental and safety in the workplace, we have

successfully went through several EPA and OSHA inspections with ZERO citations.”

Don Bergeron, Executive Vice President, Daily Printing, Inc.

“With the assistance of PIM’s Safety & Environmental Services, we have implemented practical actions at our company to reduce waste and emissions.”

Lynnette Larkin, CFO, Larkin Industries

“Our PIM Great Printer certification and training program helps employees understand the importance of compliance and contributing to a more sustainable world.”

Julie Petrangelo, Controller, The John Roberts Company

“The PIM Great Printer Environmental program helped us formalize our safety and environmental efforts and reinforces that we place a high priority on safety and environmental responsibility.”

Creston Dorothy, President, Pro Print, Inc.

“PIM Safety & Environmental Services has helped our company in becoming hazardous waste free. We value PIM’s education, continuous improvement and compliance assistance.”

Bill Bowman, Production Mgr/ Partner, The First Impression Group

“The SmartCafe program was EXCELLENT! Despite having been in sales for 25 years, I picked up many new ideas and confirmed some that I am already doing..”

Mary Englund, Amidon Graphics

After Brian Hiltner took the PIM CPR training course, he came upon a man who had been impaled by a stake in his femoral artery. Brian and another gentleman applied pressure and a tourniquet until paramedics arrived. The EMT’s attributed their quick thinking and ability to saving is life. Brian Hiltner said, “PIM’s CPR training was very helpful in this situation. I went in knowing what I had to do and just did it without hesitation.”

“PIM membership gives me the opportunity to connect and exchange ideas with industry leaders throughout the Midwest and beyond, which is invaluable in today’s business climate.”

Hassen Igram, President, Cedar Graphics, Hiawatha, IA

“We received a quote for our capabilities from the PIM Buyers Guide. Thank you PIM – you are making a difference!”

Dan Winter, President, Seven Corners