PIM Workforce Development Initiatives

Printing Industry Midwest (PIM) deploys several strategic workforce development initiatives to meet our members needs to recruit and train their future workforce.

Workforce Development Program

PIM Workforce Development
  1. DO IT YOURSELF – Programs described below support workforce hiring and training needs. They include contact information and instructions for implementing with your company’s internal resources.
  2. GET HELP – Take a look at the opportunities described below for details and next steps. Then, contact our workforce development experts for implementation support.

PIM’s Guide to Finding Talent

It is important to develop connections and best practices for finding qualified employees. Use the following Printing Industry Midwest (PIM) suggestions to support developing your talent pipeline!

Download the document, click here.

Community Based Organization Partners

Access candidate pools for workforce recruitment

Goodwill/Easter Seals and Avivo, two community-based organizations (CBOs), prepare un- or underemployed people for careers in specific industry sectors. PIM partnered with these CBOs to add Printing to their list of supported industries. Goodwill/Easter Seals and Avivo have candidate pools available now. These candidates successfully passed 60-hours of general pre-employment training. Therefore, contact these organizations directly for details on employee recruitment TODAY.

The Hennepin West Education Consortium’s high school Work-based Learning and Youth Apprenticeship Program is rapidly equipping students with the experiences and skills they need to find and succeed in a future career. Work-based learning delivers valuable benefits to businesses like: 

·        Building strong connections with schools and community partners.

·        Hire, train, and retain the next-generation workforce.

·        Ensure more students are prepared for college and career readiness.

·        Mentor students in the professional competencies and technical skills that matter most to you.

·        Become a preferred employer by investing in your community.

Employers in the program are provided critical onboarding and training for students who are matched with their company’s desired workforce needs. Please reach out to Russell Martiny at rmartiny@gpsed.org

Minneapolis Career Pathways

Support funding of pre-employment training

The City of Minneapolis established funding through the Minneapolis Career Pathways program to assist employers with recruiting, training or preparing un- or underemployed. Minneapolis residents receive the skills needed to fill positions in businesses. PIM partners with Minneapolis Career Pathways to support our community-based organization partners, Goodwill/Easter Seals and Avivo, to introduce, identify and develop talent in the print industry.


Submit non-binding letters of intent to participate. PIM needs a strong showing of interest to support the approval of funding by Minneapolis Career Pathways. Commit your interest in hiring candidates from Goodwill/Easter Seal’s and Avivo, by submitting a non-binding letter of interest. Email workforceconsulting@pimw.org for a letter template and submission details.

Minnesota Job Skills Partnership (MJSP)

Up to five PIM members to receive significant apprenticeship grant support.

MJSP is a grant program funded by the state of Minnesota. It supports the economic competitiveness of Minnesota businesses, by reinforcing partnerships to develop or improve employee training. PIM seeks commitment from up to five PIM members to support an MJSP grant request to develop a print-specific apprentice program.


Email workforceconsulting@pimw.org to receive a commitment letter template and details of the program. Support from PIM members would be binding if the MJSP grant is accepted.

Minnesota Apprenticeship Initiative (MAI)

Access direct funding for apprenticeships

PIM works with the MN Department of Labor and Industry (DLI), MN Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) to update registered apprenticeship programs for commercial sheetfed and bindery positions. While the curriculum is being updated by PIM, members with employees in MN may submit an application for MAI funding now, before it runs out.


Apply for MAI Funding Now. Download the MAI application or contact LaRohn Latimer, Apprenticeship Field Representative, Program Development, Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, at Larohn.Latimer@state.mn.us, 651-284-5223.

Federal and State Incentive Programs

Access workforce development resources by state

PIM uncovered more than thirty programs in our 5-state region. These programs offer strategies and financial support for current worker training and/or developing entry-level positions in graphic communications. Therefore, these programs can save on expenses related to training employees as well as offset costs associated with recruitment and new hires. Download workforce development financial incentives and resources by state from the links below.

Members can Download Updated 2020 Workforce Development Resource Matrix.

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