Benefits of PIM Membership

How to get ahead with PIM resources and education

Enhance your skills and stay ahead of the Curve

Sales Challenge – EHS Training –
Customer Service

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Engage with subject matter experts and peers

Star Awards – Golf Tournaments –
Women in Print –

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Reduce Injuries and keep regulators at bay

Great Printer Program – EHS Audits –
Right to Know Training –

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Connect with prospects and keep up to date

Print Buyers Guide – The Loupe News – Wage and Benefits Survey –

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PIM Workforce Development

Attract and retain well qualified personnel

Job Board – Scholarships –
Workforce Consulting –

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Discover best practices and learn from peers

Financial Executives Council –
Young Professionals –

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Support efforts to reduce regulations and spur growth

Postal Reform –
Print Advocacy Campaigns –

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Reduce expenses with PIM purchasing power

Insurance – Hardware – Software –
Credit Card Processing –

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Gain recognition for your quality work and employees

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