PIM Diversity Coalition

Meet our amazing team

This is a dedicated group of individuals interested in printing, diversity, differing viewpoints, equality and all areas in between. This team has volunteered countless hours to create Printing Industry Midwest’s (PIM) Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Accreditation Program. Return to PIM’s DE&I Page.

Current Team:

Aaron Weekes – Nahan
Al Hillmann – Standard Dynamics an E.O Johnson Company
Andy Olson – Ideal Printers
Brooke Lee – Anchor Paper Company
Dana Bloyer – NCCO
Lisa Hougdahl – Smyth, Inc.
Kelly Colberg – Meyers
Kristin Pilling-Davis – PIM
Sadie Johnson – PIM
Seri Liggett – Anchor Paper Company

Past Members:

Aaron Helle while at Meyers
Ben Oak – NCCO
Cassandra Groenwold – Japs Olson
Frank Brown – Minuteman Press
Mariel Bolger – Bolger Vision Beyond Print
Stephanie Wallin – Daily Printing, Inc.
Tiffany Worsham while at Graphco/ROYBI – MHI
Theresa Manley – Graphco/ROYBI – MHI