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Print is a Vital Industry. And it Needs YOU!

In today’s digital age, print still reigns supreme. It weaves its magic into the fabric of our daily lives. From the vibrant programs at sports games to the bold billboards on the highway, print captivates and delights us at every turn. Whether it’s the colorful wrap on a delivery vehicle or the sleek packaging of a new iPad, print transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, infusing each moment with a touch of magic. So next time you’re surrounded by screens, take a moment to appreciate the enduring power and beauty of print. Print is more than just ink on paper. It’s a vibrant force that shapes our world. Print brings joy to our everyday experiences.

Printing is fundamental to daily life

Print is transforming itself through technology and discovering new ways to become an essential part of your everyday world.

Find out what the Printing Industry has to offer

If you are seeking employment in the Graphic Communications industry, look no further. Graphic Communications is the second largest segment of the manufacturing industry in the Midwest. More than 42,000 people are employed at over 1,100 firms that have shipments in excess of $6.1 billion. PIM maintains a classified section of current openings from printers throughout the Upper Midwest that would like to talk with YOU.

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Seeking employment in the printing industry is a wise move.


Account Manager 1 posting(s)
Accounting and Finance 1 posting(s)
Bindery/Finishing 5 posting(s)
Communications/Public Relations 0 posting(s)
Customer Service 4 posting(s)
Driver/Delivery 0 posting(s)
Estimating 1 posting(s)
Front Office (clerical/admin) 0 posting(s)
Graphic Design 0 posting(s)
Human Resources 0 posting(s)
Information Technology 1 posting(s)
Internship 0 posting(s)
Instructor/Teacher 0 posting(s)
Mailing 1 posting(s)
Management - Entry Level (ie: recent grad) 0 posting(s)
Management - Executive 0 posting(s)
Management - General 1 posting(s)
Marketing 0 posting(s)
Prepress 1 posting(s)
Prepress - Platemaking 1 posting(s)
Press - Digital 2 posting(s)
Press - Specialty (forms/labels/flexo/screen) 0 posting(s)
Press - Other 0 posting(s)
Press Helper 2 posting(s)
Press Operator, Sheetfed Large (25" or greater) 2 posting(s)
Press Operator, Sheetfed Small (less than 25") 1 posting(s)
Press Operator, Web 1 posting(s)
Printing Essentials Graduate 0 posting(s)
Production Planning 0 posting(s)
Purchasing 0 posting(s)
Quality Control 1 posting(s)
Sales 1 posting(s)
Shipping/Warehouse 0 posting(s)
Technician - Maintenance 1 posting(s)
Technician - Service 3 posting(s)
Other 2 posting(s)