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Cathy Malinowski
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What you need to know about Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) audits.

PIM audits can include:

  • Compliance audits – Verify a site or organization’s conformance with regulatory requirements
  • Management system audits – Evaluate the effectiveness of management systems in ensuring compliance

PIM works with organizations to plan and implement corrective actions before a regulatory inspection occurs. Audits minimize regulatory fines and penalties along with environmental, health and safety risks. Audits can also uncover ways to reduce waste management and workers’ compensation costs.

Additional audit benefits include:

  • Identify actions necessary to protect corporate officers from criminal liabilities,
  • Enhance the corporate image with customers, employees, regulatory agencies and the public, and
  • Minimize litigation risks associated with regulatory noncompliance (assuming corrective action is taken).

PIM Safety and Environmental Services can help you be in compliance.

  • Quarterly Compliance “Check-Ups”
  • EHS Program Development
  • Air and Noise Monitoring
  • Hazardous Waste Licensing and Reporting Assistance
  • Permit Procurement (air, wastewater, other)
  • Pollution Prevention Assessments, Plans and Progress Reports

Compliance Assistance

Some companies may not have the expertise on staff to develop and implement company specific environmental, health or safety programs or policies and procedures. PIM can assist you in all phases of EHS compliance management. PIM EHS provides service that is totally flexible to meet your company’s compliance needs as effectively as possible. For some companies that means training your staff to assume EHS compliance responsibilities. For other companies, PIM EHS will perform the training, reviews and inspections to keep you in compliance.

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