Targeted Enforcement of Noise Exposure Standard

OSHA Region 5 office established a Regional Emphasis program for targeted outreach and enforcement of the OSHA noise standard. Region 5 includes Wisconsin.

First, on June 1, 2021, OSHA began outreach activities.

Then, on August 1, 2021, OSHA will begin enforcement activities and inspections. OSHA inspectors will review manufacturers, including printers. Inspectors will review OSHA 300 logs, noise monitoring, training and conduct sound level meter readings.

“OSHA encourages employers to take steps to identify, reduce and eliminate hazards related to high levels of noise during the REP’s initial phase. Following its three-month outreach, that began June 1, 2021, the REP empowers OSHA to schedule and inspect select manufacturing industries in Illinois, Ohio and Wisconsin with hearing loss rates higher than the national average.”

OSHA Region V Office
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