Operations Improvement Training Series

A better way to grow your creative business.

StrateX Base Training Series

  • 24 on-line interactive sessions, one every two weeks, each session is 60 to 90 minutes in duration
  • Cross functional student base will be the best for the company as it ensures everyone learns
  • Very specific topics in each session, sessions build upon each other
  • At the end of the session there is a short (60 minutes) homework assignment due by next session
  • At the beginning of the next session, the homework is reviewed
  • This provides three learning points for each key topic
  • The sessions are customized to you company to enhance learning and application
  • Up to 12 people per session per company
  • Cost is $1800 per month ($1500 for PIM members!)
    • Off-line time is also included (up to a point that, if exceeded, would be discussed)

Optional Methods Are Available

(Fees would change accordingly)
  • The timing of the sessions can be consolidated (one company does one session each week)
  • Sessions that do not apply do not need to be taken (for example, if there are no longer duration projects, the project management session does not need to be included)
  • With a brief discussion of the company’s current learning status on the topics and its goals and timing, the series can be modified.  But we both need to be comfortable it will still be effective
  • Additional assistance is available if needed.  Minor help to get through the homework is included.  If this gets to be “excessive” we would discuss how to work that out
Fee Summary
  • Base is $1500 per month per company for up to 12 people, a 20% discount for PIM members
  • Customized series would be negotiated
  • Fee structure is initial down payment of two months ($3000), then the $1500 is due the same date of each month based upon the series start date for the next 10 months

General Training Session Topics

The Trainer

Bob Krausert

Bob is the instructor for ALL of the sessions

Contact Information

Phone – 612-743-8706

email – stratexlean20@gmail.com

Public Training

Public training completed for St. Thomas University, APICS, MPMA, PIM, Medical Alley, MSCPA, various banks and CPA firms.

Expert Communicator

Bob has over 35 years of experience in over 300 companies from large (Jostens, Banta, Weyerhaeuser, RR Donnelly) to small, but mostly mid-sized companies. He has trained over 12,000 people in both public and in-client training sessions/projects.


One EVP of Operations at Pentair said of Bob’s methods, “it is like lean on steroids…”