Honsa-Binder Printing, Inc. Achieves Great Printer Certification

Joining an elite group of Midwest Printers going beyond compliance

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN — July 28, 2021 — Printing Industry Midwest (PIM), the not-for-profit trade organization representing the Midwest’s leading print service providers, is pleased to announce Honsa-Binder Printing, Inc. located in St. Paul Minnesota has achieved Great Printer Certification.

Honsa-Binder Printing, Inc. has over 100 years of printing experience, is a female owned-and-operated business, a union shop and is committed to reducing their carbon footprint by choosing green options throughout the print process.

Marla Moyer, Honsa-Binder’s CEO and Partner said “As Honsa-Binder Printing receives Great Printer certification, we reflect on how we have always been mindful of our environment and the impact we have on it. We continue to look at our production practices and make choices that improve the safety and health of our employees, as well as the sustainability of our community. We have found that reducing waste lowers cost and makes the operation more efficient and profitable. These forward-thinking practices keep us relevant in the printing world and with our customers.”

“It is an honor to add Honsa-Binder Printing, Inc. to the list of certified Great Printers. The Great Printer Environmental Initiative Program has been in place at PIM for over 20 years and recognizes printers who exceed required mandates in compliance with all Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) rules, regulations and laws. Great Printers demonstrate their commitment to minimize their impact on human health and the environment while producing quality printed products,” stated Steve Bonoff, PIM President.

The process of becoming a Great Printer includes a confidential comprehensive compliance audit to determine adherence to mandatory compliance standards. Next, the program examines any initiatives implemented that go beyond the requirements. Paul Gutkowski, PIM Director of Safety and Environmental Services, explained that “what is unique about Honsa-Binder Printing, Inc. is that in addition to meeting the audit requirements, they converted all of their lighting to LED thereby reducing their electric consumption. They also created an Employee Safety Team to review and minimize safety hazards in the workplace.”

There are currently 32 printers in the Midwest participating in the Great Printer program. For a complete list of certified Great Printers, please go to www.pimw.org/GreatPrinters/.


Printing Industry Midwest (PIM) is the trade association representing print service companies in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota. Membership resources add value to companies that provide print, graphic communication services, market or manufacture supplies for the printing industry. More information can be found at www.pimw.org/benefits/.

Download PDF of Press Release.

Sadie Hagen
Author: Sadie Hagen