Minnesota Printers – MNOSHA Rule Change

All Minnesota printers are now required to have Safety Committees 

A recent rule change in MN now requires all printers, both large and small, to have a Safety Committee.  Previously, this was only a requirement for printers with more than 25 employees.  Now, this applies to everyone, including very small employers.  A Safety Committee can help identify and eliminate safety hazards.  Most importantly, a Safety Committee can help keep employees safe. The requirements for your Safety Committees are:

  • The Safety Committee must be made up of representatives of both management and production employees. 
  • Safety Committees should meet at least quarterly.  
  • Keep records of the meetings through meeting minutes and/or an agenda. 

If you have questions about starting a Safety Committee or would like help restarting or reenergizing an existing Safety Committee, contact either Paul Gutkowski at paulg@pimw.org  612-400-6205 or Cathy Malinowski at cathym@pimw.org  612-868-6771. 

Sadie Hagen
Author: Sadie Hagen