Minnesota Printing Industry – Non-Essential

Misclassification of Printing Industry by Governor Walz

Governor Walz deemed Print & Related Support Activities as NON-ESSENTIAL.

In addition, Governor Walz issued an Executive Order for Shelter in Place. This order, closes non-essential businesses potentially affecting all Minnesota Printers.

You may be required to prove your essential status through official channels.

All printers in Minnesota may face a situation similar to California printers with utilities being shutoff to Non-Essential designated businesses.

Print is Essential

Print is a vital component in the communications supply chain.

We need every facet working to support our communities.

It is in all of our interests to have this designation changed.

Printing Industry Midwest (PIM) mobilized quickly to reverse this misclassification.

Press Release highlighting #PrintisEssential

What should you do?

There are steps we must take today in Minnesota to achieve the same outcome.

  1. Submit your essential status to the state of MN, or simply share your view that the state has misclassified our industry. [Officially requesting a waiver is at your discretion.] In addition, take this opportunity to share your view of the importance of the print sector, mentioning NAICS code 3231 in your communication, using the language provided or craft your own. Send ASAP to criticalsectors@state.mn.us .
    • More details on requesting waivers can be found HERE.
  2. Share this Media Release as widely as possible to your networks.  
  3. Ask your clients to advocate on your behalf. First, provide them a copy of the media release and your personal story, and secondly, ask them to promote to their networks.
  4. Send Steve Bonoff letters you have received from your clients deeming your company essential. If NDA’s are involved, redact accordingly. Letters will be used in private lobbying efforts and not released publicly.
  5. Share personal stories on social media on how your company is serving in this time. Use the hashtag #printisessential and tag our your local and state representatives.
  6. Finally, make phone calls to influencers at the corporate and state levels, and to the offices of MN DEED led by Steve Grove and Department of Homeland Security Management, led by Joe Kelly. If you have contacts, please pass them along to Steve Bonoff.

We can change this!

When confronted with the facts, the Pennsylvania Governor reversed his initial order labeling Print as Non-Essential.

We can change this in Minnesota too!

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