PIM Peer Groups

PIM Financial Executives Council (PIMFEC)

Printing Industry Midwest (PIM) hosts Financial Executives Council (FEC) Meetings to support PIM member professionals in the areas of:

  • financial reporting and compliance,
  • data management and security, and
  • financial policies and planning.

If you have interest or responsibilities in these areas, this Council is for you!

How It Operates: The PIM Financial Executives Council (PIMFEC) meets every other month both in-person and via tele/video-conference for 90 minutes. Meetings offer in-person discussions and one hour length presentation on a current topic relevant to financial executives.

Leadership: PIMFEC leadership includes two co-chairs (Mel Enger of LB Carlson and Ken Rein of Daily Printing) and is administered by Ben Dally, PIM Director of Finance.

View our Events Listing for the next PIMFEC Meeting. Questions to Ben Dally at 612-400-6207.

PIM CEO Forums

CEO’s and business leaders of PIM member firms are invited to get together virtually in a the new PIM CEO Forums to share general business concerns of operating under today’s extreme business conditions. Operated under strict adherence to anti-competitive trade laws, PIM business leaders will collaborate, share resources, ask questions from peers, and gain knowledge from like-minded executives that can help move organizations forward. There is no cost to participate in the 60-minute sessions. Groups are limited to seven participants.

Learn more and register your interest in the PIM CEO Forum Interest Survey. Questions to Steve Bonoff at 612.400.6203

Young Professionals

Each quarter, the PIM Young Professionals (YP) group comes together to network with their peers and connect with like-minded individuals. The YP group is designed for associates in the print industry who are between the ages of 22 to 40.

To join this group, please email youngprofessionals@pimw.org or call Kris Davis at 612.400.6208

Sadie Hagen
Author: Sadie Hagen