PIM DE&I – Areas of Accreditation

The Areas of Accreditation information is for Printing Industry Midwest (PIM) members to use as a guide to help achieve stars in this program. The goal of this program is not to write a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) program for you, but to provide you direction and a launching pad to create your own DE&I story.

How to Use This Information

Below you will see all four – CommitmentAimMomentum & Excellence – star levels. Each star has an objective, required steps and the next steps you need to follow to achieve accreditation. Some stars display “Go Above & Beyond,” steps, which are additional Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) actions you can incorporate at your company. These additional actions can be started now or can be started later (a year or two down the road) as a way to maintain the requirements.

To review all the required steps and the next steps you must be enrolled in Printing Industry Midwest’s (PIM) DE&I Pilot Program. Once enrolled you will receive the password to unlock more information.

Reporting Documents

After you finish all the requirements for each star, you must fill out a Reporting Document. The Reporting Document and additional supporting documents will be reviewed by PIM and the Diversity Coalition.

There is no time limit to achieve your stars. PIM and the Diversity Coalition understands it takes time to improve and implement a new process. If it takes you over 6 months to complete a star, you must fill out the Reporting Document for the star you are currently trying to achieve. This will help keep PIM and the Diversity Coalition up to date on your progress.



Objective: The organization commits itself to making DE&I a priority in their organization. The commitment will require time, talent, and leadership support.



Objective: Review processes and documentation within your organization that can have an effect on DE&I. Set measurable goals that will move your organization forward.



Objective: You should be seeing clear progress towards your goal of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The needle on diversity awareness in your organization is moving. 



Objective: Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better. Participants should re-evaluate their goals and develop new goals on an annual basis. The organizations commitment to DE&I should be part of the organization culture and visible to all current and future employees. 

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