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The 2024 Wage & Benefits Survey is now open for submissions

Contribute to the most valued industry employment report

Gain invaluable insights to stay competitive in your local labor marketplace with the 2024 PIM Wage + Benefits Survey. Receive a complimentary copy for your participation.

The Wage + Benefits Survey is the most comprehensive annual survey on labor costs and human resource policies of print-related companies. From top management to the shipping department, the Wage + Benefits Survey annually captures labor costs and human resource practices from nearly 400 firms and more than 15,000 employees across North America.

The report includes both regional and national data covering specific industry positions and wages sorted by metropolitan area, region, and company size to evaluate how your company compares. It also provides specific data on all employee benefits in detail including:

  • overtime
  • vacation
  • PTO
  • sick leave
  • health insurance
  • along with job descriptions for more than 200 industry positions

 Survey features:

  • NEW – Upload your wages from csv file template
  • multiple locations can be entered by a single user
  • incentives and retention strategies
  • adjusted wages for existing staff to match new hires

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SURVEY CLOSES: Friday July 26, 2024

The 2024 Wage + Benefits Survey & Report is administered is published by Printing Industry Midwest and Americas Printing Association Network. Special thanks to LB Carlson for sponsoring the annual Wage + Benefits Survey and Reports