PIM Health+

The skyrocketing cost of health insurance is a huge burden facing small businesses today, and Printing Industry Midwest (PIM) aims to help.

For Members With Minnesota-Based Locations…

Through a partnership with UnitedHealthcare, the PIM Health+ online portal includes access to a unique plan specifically designed for small and medium-sized print service providers with Minnesota-based locations. Additional states in the PIM region will be added as soon as possible.


For ALL PIM Members…

Through a partnership with insurance leader Holmes Murphy, all PIM members now have access to an online insurance platform that solves small business health insurance challenges and more. Utilizing Holmes Murphy’s online system, PIM members throughout its 5-state region can shop for health insurance, facilitate employee enrollment, and manage
benefit programs, in a secure cloud environment.


How does it work? Simply navigate to pimw.org/health+ to obtain a no-obligation quote for group health insurance, ancillary coverage, and worksite products. Once a selection is made, the system manages all of the details and communicates directly with you.

Learn more, contact Steve Bonoff for details.