2017 Wage and Benefit Survey

Each year, PIM and all the Printing Industries of America Affiliated organizations conduct this project. Data from over 500 companies and more than 17,000 employees across the
United States comprise the survey. From top management to the shipping department, you’ll see wages and salaries PLUS benefit practices. Survey results are broken out by
region of the country as well by size of company. Final results are published in October. We hope you’ll participate. Some associations charge non-members $1,000 – $1,500 for this survey

PIM pricing for participants :

  • Member, under $10M sales $80
  • Member, over $10 M sales $160
  • Non-member $400

PIM pricing for non-participants :

  • Member $400
  • Non-member $600

Contact Ben Dally to request a copy of last year’s report or to obtain the login info for this year.