Midwest Printers Working to Solve Racial Inequities in Print

New Groundbreaking PIM Program Tackles Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Updated March 21, 2022

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Printing Industry Midwest (PIM), the not-for-profit trade organization representing the Midwest’s leading print service providers, is pleased to announce the launch of a groundbreaking new program, PIM’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Accreditation Pilot Program.  A passionate group of PIM members has begun their journey – Anchor Paper Company, Bolger Vision Beyond Print, CARDSource, Daily Printing, Inc., Ideal Printers Inc., The John Roberts Company, The Meyers Printing Companies, Inc., Nahan Printing, Inc., NCCO, Studio on Fire and Wright Printing – to work towards closing the racial and diversity gap in the print industry.

The PIM DE&I Accreditation Program is designed to create foundational changes in the recruiting, hiring, and training practices of the print and graphic communications industry. This program was created by the PIM Diversity Coalition, a group of volunteers from PIM member companies who have met regularly to develop metrics and a process for accreditation that will help companies to uphold and enforce a more diverse and inclusive company environment. The goal of this program is not to write a DE&I program for companies, but to provide direction and a launching pad to create their own DE&I journey.

Aaron Weekes, Director of Business Services for Nahan Printing and member of the PIM Diversity Coalition said, “Lack of progress in diversity, equity, and inclusion is a major problem for most employers in the US. The sheer size of the problem makes progress seem out of reach. Joining PIM in this important effort has given those who are passionate about this issue a sense of purpose and possibility. We are committed to having this program produce a lasting difference for our communities and workplaces.”

“The PIM Diversity Coalition has provided us the opportunity to take positive steps towards achieving diversity and equity within our workforce, a goal we believe in and strive for at CARDSource,” states Tom Murphy, PIM Board Chair and CEO at CARDSource. “They made the process of accreditation straightforward by breaking the program down into four levels – Commitment, Aim, Momentum and Excellence. Each level has an objective, goals, and resources for companies to utilize. CARDSource is proud to be a part of this pilot program and we are looking forward to putting in the work to become a more diverse and inclusive employer.”

“The next generation of workers are seeking businesses that reflect the communities in which they live. Being open to new ideas and new ways of thinking can result in making our businesses and communities better for all. PIM and its Diversity Coalition want to thank the pilot program participants for their support and are eager to watch their organizations change and grow,” commented Steve Bonoff, Printing Industry Midwest president.

In 2022, PIM will open the official DE&I Accreditation Program for all to join. For more information and to join the effort in 2022, please visit www.pimw.org/diversity/ or email Kristin Pilling-Davis and Sadie Johnson at diversity@pimw.org, or call 612.400.6200.


Printing Industry Midwest (PIM) is home to print and graphic communications service providers and suppliers in the upper Midwest — an epicenter of quality printing in North America. Its mission is to offer services that ensure the vitality, innovation, and business success of members and associates, enhancing the strength and profitability of printing and its related industries. More information can be found at www.pimw.org/benefits/.

Sadie Hagen
Author: Sadie Hagen