MN Printers Must Post Frontline Worker Pay Law Information

MN Print Workers Could Receive “Hero Pay”

On April 29, 2022, Governor Walz signed the Frontline Worker Pay Law.  This law allows certain workers to receive a state-funded bonus payment for working during the pandemic.   These funds are intended to thank these workers for showing up and providing critical services that allowed Minnesota to continue to function during the COVID-19 emergency. 

Employees can apply beginning June 8.

What Must Print Companies Do?

Post the Notification by June 23

Printing is a business sector within manufacturing.   So, Print Employers must notify workers that they may be eligible for the bonus payment.  Let your employees decide if they are eligible to apply. 

Printers must post and/or provide a paper or electronic copy of the notice to all workers.  The notice may be found at

More information, FAQs and a link to the sign-up can be found at the Minnesota Frontline Worker Pay website:  

If you have questions regarding this, contact Ben Dally (, 612-400-6207) or Kris Davis (, 612-400-6208).