PIM’s DE&I Resource – Ideas for CBO & School Events

Below is a list of ideas for events, programs or activities your organization could do with your Community Based Organizations (CBO) and local high school and/or college. As PIM receives feedback from participates, we will add more ideas to this list.

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Community Based Organizations (CBO):

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  • Set up a booth a local city event.
    • Example: A company had a table to St. Cloud Pride in the Park (St. Cloud, MN). They were able to show their community that their organization support the LGBTQIA+ community.
  • Organize a donation drive for your employees to participate in. Donate the food, toys, school supplies, clothes, books, blood drive, etc. to a local organization.
  • Offer a tour of your facility or an open house event to your community. Teach them about what you do.
  • Arrange community cleanup events for your employees to participate in.
  • Have your employees rise money for a local organization.


  • Find a program that allows students to come work at your company.
    • Example: Cristo Rey Jesuit High School (Minneapolis, MN) – A organization can pay for a student (grade 9-12) to come work at their facility. The money that you pays goes to the students tuition for school.
  • Ask if the school has a career fair or career day your organization could attend/participate in.
  • Ask if you can step up a scholarship for students who are thinking about going into manufacturing, graphic communications, etc.
  • Ask if they have a workforce committee you or someone from your organization could join.
  • Speak to a class or group of students about print, manufacturing, production jobs, etc. If your organization is a women owned business, minority owned business, a family business, etc. you could speak about that journey.
    • You could speak to a graphics class, students in the DECA or Skills USA program or a career center at the school.
  • Offer tours of your facility to students. Invite X amount of students to come have lunch and tour the facility.
    • Example: Host a meet and greet tour with GED students.
  • Connect with their counselors office…
    • Ask if you can display a banner or poster about your organization/print in their office.
    • Ask if they know of students looking to job shadow or who are interested in trade.
    • Ask if you can bring pizza to their office for lunch and speak with students.
Sadie Hagen
Author: Sadie Hagen