Printing Industry Essentials Training Kickoff October 21st

The inaugural Printing Industry Essentials kicked off on October 21st at Avivo’s Training Facility in Minneapolis, this training is paid for by a Pathways Grant and was awarded to PIM’s community partners Avivo & Goodwill/EasterSeals.  This grant assists Minneapolis Residences in finding paths leading to the print industry.

As a part of this grant, Minnesota PIM Members are addressing the candidates and telling them how great it is in the Print Industry and that this opportunity can lead to a lifetime career.

GLS Companies in Brooklyn Park was the first tour. CEO/President, Jayme Wisely addressed the group on October 29th, and then hosted them on a tour of their press operations.

For more information on what PIM is doing to assist in workforce solutions for the print industry, take a look at our website or contact Kris Davis.  The class has upcoming tours at LSC Communications, Japs-Olson, Smyth Companies,  & SeaChange Print Innovations.



Sadie Hagen
Author: Sadie Hagen