PIA HR Listserve Update & New Listserve Coming

Did you participate in the PIA HR Listserve?

Printing Industries of America (PIA) (now called PRINTING United Alliance(PrUA)) Listserve was a member benefit for Human Resource (HR) Professionals to email questions, ask for recommendations, get advice and feedback from other HR Professionals nationwide as well as get feedback from PIA.

As of this month, Printing Industry Midwest (PIM) Members no longer having access to this PIA Listserve.

New HR Listserve Coming Mid-June

PIM will be rolling out a new nationwide HR Listserv named HRConnectonline. PIM HR Contacts will be able to enroll and participate in HRConnectonline coming soon in Mid-June.

PIM Would Like to Know…

If you have not already, please take this is a quick survey to let PIM know if you used the previous PIA Listserve and if you would be interested in signing up for the new HRConnectonline Listserve. 

More information about HRConnectonline will be made available Mid-June.

Sadie Hagen
Author: Sadie Hagen